Online Procurement System

Bolpatra makes procurement process completely online. The implementation of Bolpatra is to encourage many suppliers to participate in tender process. Suppliers will fill forms related to tender through the procurement website. It will help in supplier selection as the process from tender notice publication to tender opening is completely electronic. The primary objective of this application is to promote online procurement.


More supplier participation

As the tender process is online, many suppliers will be able to see the notice without visiting your organization. The supplier can just check your tender site and then submit quotation. 

The participation of supplier from all over the Nepal, even out if Nepal, will be possible as they don’t need to visit you physically.


Quick Data Analysis

Quick data analysis is possible as the system generate report considering the technical and the financial factors in just a click.

It has been very easy to analyze the product especially in medicine by comparing brand, manufacturing company, packing size, MRP, Price, etc.

Providing online procurement solutions since 2008








12 years

Since 2008